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Listen to the experts. An occasional indulgence is good for the soul. Why?

It stops feelings of deprivation | It satisfies cravings | It's fun

It makes you happy | It acknowledges your hard work

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  • Kettle Fresh Fudge Made When You Order with Quality Ingredients

  • Custom Oreos ... Brand-Building & Employee Favorites

  • Chocolates: Turtles, Truffles, Solids ... Made Piece by Piece


    We make each piece individually, intentionally, and with care.

  • NAMI

    For some people, the dopamine-boosting powers of chocolate are not enough. Because of this, we support the National Alliance on Mental Illness with a donation every May.


    Love it or receive a full refund on all purchases

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Frequently Asked Questions


When shipping to warm weather locations, we will gladly pack orders of $30 or more in dry ice for you.

I'm looking for gluten-free and vegan chocolate.

We use Callebaut's iconic couverture chocolates. They stand out with deep, warm color, prominent roasted cocoa flavors, and seductive notes. They do include dairy products, so our chocolates are NOT vegan. They do comply with a gluten-free diet.

I prefer sugar free chocolate.

We've got you covered. Any of our solid bites can be made with sugar free chocolate.

I want to send chocolates as a gift.

Fantastic! We will ship your order to the address noted for shipping. If you'd like us to include a card on your behalf, please give us a call!

I'm in a hurry ... I need these chocolates asap.

We get deadlines. We make your order especially for you when we receive it and typically ship within 48 hours. If you have a certain date in mind, please call us. We'll see what we can do. 607-331-4276