For the Choco-sseur

Hand-made in small batches, Specc's Chocolates are made one piece at a time, with high quality, fresh ingredients. These bite-sized, chunks of happiness are rich and flavorful. They won't just take you to your happy place ... they are your happy place.

Chocolate lovers -- chocosseurs -- know that Chocolate has mojo ... powerful abilities. Chocolate can calm frazzle. Chocolate can adjust an attitude. And Chocolate can transform humdrum into rockin'.

We'll make your order fresh, package 5 ounces carefully, and ship it in a heartbeat.

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    We'll send you tracking information. We'll give you a call when we know it's been delivered. Do you have a special request that will make your treat a little more special? Just ask!

  • NAMI

    For some people, the dopamine-boosting powers of chocolate are not enough. Because of this, we support the National Alliance on Mental Illness with a donation every May.

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